Browse our range of HASTA certified protein for quality powders that offer peak performance. Minimise your risk by purchasing products that have been independently third party tested. All of the protein powder you need in one place — high-performance while being safe and secure for athletes.


Protein is a macronutrient found in many foods. The body uses protein to promote muscle growth, aid in recovery and enable our body to consistently perform at the highest level. While we can find protein in many common whole foods, we can supplement our diet with protein powder for increased performance and efficiency. Protein powders contain a high protein content while also being calorie efficient, assisting in the loss of fat while gaining muscle.

Certified Protein Powder

We stock a range of approved protein powder, including Informed Sport and HASTA certified products that you can find in our online store. Our range of batch tested protein powders offer more energy, faster recovery and leaner muscle mass for athletes and individuals looking to support their professional development.

All of our certified protein powders have been tested and certified to be free of the 200 substances banned in sport, minimising your risk of accidentally returning a positive doping result. We aim to provide all the sport safe products you need to train and perform without worry. Check out our online store to find a certified and approved protein powder today.


Our goal at Batch Tested is to supply industry-leading protein products to athletes, professionals and active individuals that need or prefer certified protein powder. Choose from leading Australian and international protein powder brands to find a flavour or product that suits your goals.

Body Science

Body Science is one of Australia’s leading supplement brands, bringing you premium supplements that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Body Science protein powders are excellent for athletes living a busy lifestyle.

Clean Nutrition Co

A New Zealand grass-fed whey protein supplier, offering some of the highest-quality protein supplement on the market with the 100% natural ingredients. This all-natural whey protein is packed with powerful branched-chained amino acids that increase performance, build muscle and aids recovery.


Since 1987, Musashi has provided a complete range of sport nutrition solutions using high-quality ingredients. Their scientifically supported and proven protein will help you achieve your fitness goal — from everyday enthusiasts to elite athletes.

Science In Sport

Known to many as SiS, Science In Sport develop excellent tasting protein products that can help you build lean muscle. Each great-tasting product comes packed with protein from whey, casein, and soy.

True Protein

A family-owned and run business, True Protein offers a wide selection of protein using all-natural supplements for sports. These supplements are made from the finest globally-sourced ingredients. Discover a range of products made for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Certified & Approved Protein Powder

For batch tested, Informed Sport and HASTA certified protein powder, choose Batch Tested. We source the best HASTA tested and certified protein powder products at affordable prices, giving you the convenience of one store for all your protein powder needs. Contact us today for more information.